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Featuring the best knee massager for pain relief with soft massage airbags and infrared heat. Best heated knee massager machine can provide temporary pain relief and preventive care for your knee in just 10-15 minutes!

Preventive care & relief for your knee. Daily activities involving extended use of the computer, sitting all day, or physical activities can be contributing factors that lead to knee degeneration and osteoarthritis-type issues.

Heated Knee Massager Machine with Infrared Heat Therapy & Magnetic Stone Therapy

Soft massage airbags fully wrap around your knee. Designed to deliver infrared heat to those with muscle aches & tension on their knee joints, ligaments, and cartilage. Furthermore, there is a magnetite addition to alleviate pain and provide relief to the knee.

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“Cutting edge knee massager”

“Great for knee recovery”

“Achieve impressive pain relief from the comfort of home”

Backed by Infrared Technology

Experience the benefits of healing red light therapy which targets damaged joints and help reduce inflammation on ligaments and tendons within the knee while improving blood circulation to the targeted area.

3 in 1 Therapy

Deeper penetration and faster results to joints, cartilage and other tissue through our breakthrough combination of Infrared heat, light, and magnetic stone therapy.

Portable Design

Find fast relief wherever and whenever you want with our portable design. Use it immediately post high-intensity workout, sports, hiking or even before going to bed for better sleep.

Whole Knee Coverage

With our unique design, the airbag massagers fully wrap around your knee providing complete coverage to affected areas.

  • LCD touchscreen, easy to operate and comfortable to wear. Comes with a detailed user manual as a quick guide to help you start massaging in no time!
  • Includes 3 heating modes, from the low setting of 40°C, medium of 50°C, to the high heating level of up to 55°C, and all with the extra benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting.
  • Cordless & lightweight at 790g with 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Airbag massage, Infrared light therapy, and magnetic stone therapy to alleviate knee pain and energize knee cells.
  • Device consists of 14 infrared lights to provide healing therapy to the ligament, cartilage & knee cells.
  • Pain relief whenever you want it - at work, home after a workout, etc.
  • Built-in microchip allows automatic power cut every 15 minutes to prevent overheating
  • Comes with an adjustable strap so that the device can be used for elbow and shoulder joints too.

Who is it for?

The Kneeflow is perfect for:

  • Knee pain relief from inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, meniscus & tendonitis issues
  • Perfect for post surgery recovery
  • Amazing for athletic recovery post training or workout
  • Lubricates and heats up the knee joint and helps you get back to running, cycling and hiking
  • Saves time & money on inferior alternatives
  • Can be alternatively used for the elbow and shoulder joint as the strap is adjustable

Real Customers Real Results

Nick Alvarez - Former Olympic Hopeful Greco-Roman Wrestling

Because of the red light therapy, heat and massage it helps you to recover faster. Highly recommend it for athletes and for general use!

Get Rid of The Knee Pain: Best Solution for Knee Pain Relief "Knee Massager"

Knee massage can be a very effective way to relieve pain and tension in the knees. There are a few different ways to perform a knee massage, and each method can provide different benefits.
If you have never had a knee massage before, it is important to consult with a doctor or trained professional before attempting one on your own. One way to perform a knee massage is to use your hands to knead the muscles and tissues around the knee joint. You can also use your fingertips by using circular motions.
If you're looking for a knee massage machine that can provide both pain relief and preventive care, then FlowKnee can be your option. Featuring soft massage airbags and infrared heat, the best knee massager can help improve your overall knee health in just 10-15 minutes per day.
Another way to give yourself a knee massage is to use a handheld massager. These devices are available at Flowknee, and they can provide a deep, penetrating massage.
If you are suffering from pain or stiffness in your knees, a knee and leg massage may be what you need to find relief. Knee massages with a combination of heat and vibration can help to improve circulation, relieve tension and joint pain, and increase the range of motion.

Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis & Patella!

People who suffer from arthritis will find that the Knee Brace for Arthritis is the most effective treatment option that is currently available for their condition. This is because the Knee Brace supports and stabilizes the knee while also providing pain management. The gradient compression helps to improve blood flow to the knee joint, which leads to a reduction in the edema of that joint.
This is one of the mechanisms that underlie the beneficial effects of the treatment. Because of its lightweight construction and cozy weave, it is convenient to wear for an entire day, making it an excellent choice for individuals who lead active lifestyles. With the added support of the Kneeflow, you'll feel more confident and comfortable during a busy day.
Give yourself the relief you need with the Kneeflow knee brace. Knee Brace support for arthritis is perfect for post-knee surgery recovery and amazing for athletic recovery post-training or workout. The unique design of the KneeFlow hinged brace allows it to conform to your knee, providing support and stability while also allowing you to move freely.
The cushioned pads provide comfort and help reduce pain, while the adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or just need some extra support during your recovery. Finding the best Knee Braces for Arthritis can be difficult for some people but reviews can help a lot.

The Best Knee Massager Machine For Knee Pain!
At FlowKnee, we are providing quality products and services to empower people to deal with their physical challenges in life. We are always here to help you choose the best-heated knee massager for your needs!
If you want to reduce knee pain with heated knee braces, then you can buy our top-rated vibration massage machine. This heatpulse knee massager offers both pain management and preventive care. Flowknee has a proven track record of the results it provides to arthritis patients, and we have a number of reviews available both on the website and YouTube.
One of the main causes of knee degeneration and osteoarthritis is daily worn and tear from physical activity. KneeFlow reduces knee strain and improves blood circulation to prevent these disorders. So why wait? Get the best knee massager for arthritis from KneeFlow today and start taking care of your knees!

Affordable & Versatile Joint Pain Reliever!

If you're looking for a relaxing heating massage and an effective rechargeable knee brace, then FlowKnee is the best option. Our unique heated massager uses infrared heat, light, and magnetic stone therapy. We have a number of reviews available on reputable platforms online.
The targeted heat and vibration therapy improves blood circulation, encouraging healing. It penetrates deep into the joints, cartilage, and other tissues. Moreover, it also provides relief from arthritis pain.
Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or want to relax and relieve tension, KneeFlow is the perfect solution. KneeFlow has amazing products that provide knee therapy whenever you need it. KneeFlow's heated and Electric knee massager helps to reduce pain and swelling in the knees and can be used at work, at home, or even after a workout.
It is easy to use and comes with a handy carrying case and a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you wherever you go. KneeFlow is the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from knee pain and is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay active and pain-free.
With its portable form, you can use it after a workout, during a hike, or before bed. place it over your knees and let the heat soothe away any pain or discomfort. Our Heated knee massager is the perfect way to keep your knees healthy and happy!

Looking For an Elbow & Knee Pain Relief!

If you're among the millions of Americans suffering from chronic knee pain (Arthritis) or had any knee injury, you may be searching for relief.
There are many different treatments available, but one that's becoming popular is using a knee massager to relieve the pain.  
Knee massagers for joint pain work by applying pressure and vibration. This helps the muscles and joints around the knee, providing relief from pain and inflammation. A knee massager with heat can be used regularly or as needed for acute flare-ups.
  With our unique design, the airbag massagers wrap around your knee providing complete coverage to affected areas.
The LCD touchscreen is easy to operate, and the massager is comfortable to wear. Plus, it comes with a detailed user manual as a quick guide to help you start massaging in no time.  
Whether you're looking for a low, medium, or high setting, Flowknee has you covered with its 3 different temperature settings.
Plus, it comes with the extra benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting. And it's cordless and lightweight for easy portability, so you can take it with you wherever you go!
So don't wait any longer, give Flowknee a try today and feel the difference in 2023!


Depending on the intensity and mode you choose; most people feel relief within 10-15 minutes.

If pregnant or have a medical issue, consult your doctor before using KneeFlow.

For best results, we recommend using the knee massager for 10-15 minutes per day. If you are experiencing acute pain, you may increase the frequency to 3-4 times per day.